This is a test to see if the photo system is working. Here is how it should work:
  1. First, you must create a page under the photo category, and put a name after it. For example, this page is called photo:test.
  2. If the title needs to be changed, then do so. I will leave this title to be Test.
  3. Next, you simply type the commentary text. There is no special equal signs or something. Just type away.
  4. Now, you must upload all the pictures you want displayed by using the Files button at the bottom. Simply upload each file.
  5. Now here is an important step. Make sure that one of the photos is named main-picture.jpg. This will help in the long run.
  6. Then, everything is set! When you no longer want this particular page to be displayed (and this applies to other pages), then add the tag _null.

As of right now, random pictures have been uploaded.

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