Instructions for publishers:

  1. This article has been designed and edited, and it is ready for the public viewing.
  2. To publish the article, first overview the story to see that it is fully ready. Make necessary changes when applicable.
  3. Add four equals at the end of the content, and then put your name.
Your Name
  1. Decide whether this is a top or important story. If it is a top story (one of the utmost importance, popularity, or best quality), then add the tag, _top to the list of tags. If it is simply an important story, then add _important instead. Don't forget the underscores!
  2. Make sure there is a url for a picture after the equals after your name. If there is not, then place the following url instead:

Read all the following instructions before commencing
  1. When you are finished with the preliminary publishing, remove the _edited tag only and add the _published tag. Don't forget the underscore!
  2. After adding that tag, make sure that the article has the following tags: _article, _local or _school or _review or _comic or _editorial (depending on article type), and the _published tag.
  3. Finally, rename the page by changing the word draft to article. Make sure that there is a colon between the word article and the pagename! If you changed the _edited tag to _published, then a gray box should appear telling you what the name after the colon should be.
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