iNews Members

This is the developing team for iNews, the iSchool High newspaper. The list is in alphabetical order by Wikidot username.

Name Real Name Position Contact
Caity StolzerCaity Stolzer (profile) Caity
cwahlstedtcwahlstedt (profile) Cortney
Elisa UmanaElisa Umana (profile) Elisa
jfdunphyjfdunphy (profile) Jonathan
JMetcalfJMetcalf (profile) Mrs. Metcalf Teacher
krogerskrogers (profile) Mrs. Rogers Principal
Lizzasaurus_RexLizzasaurus_Rex (profile) Lizzey
mwthornleymwthornley (profile) Mason
ReavienReavien (profile) Hannah D.
samantha howellsamantha howell (profile) Samantha
severed_heartsevered_heart (profile) Sam E.
Sung CSung C (profile) Sung Manager
Timothy FosterTimothy Foster (profile) Timothy Website Technician
travisischooltravisischool (profile) Travis
WispWisp (profile) Brendan
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