Developer Home

Welcome to the iNews Developer Sector. This is where writers, designers, editors, and publishers meet in order to maintain a functional online newspaper for iSchool High. If you are a member of the NPYB club that helps manage this site, please refer to your station to see if any story is in pending. Please keep active in the forums to learn of upcoming updates.

The writers are the ones that begin an article or entry for the newspaper. They actually study the topic and write about it.

The job of the editors is to weed out possible typos, revise structure, inquire questionable content, and tweak the design of the page. The editors are knowledgeable in the overall Wikidot syntax so that they can make the page look nicer with images and effects.

The publishers post the edited page onto the newspaper part of the site for public viewing. They take it from being developed to having been developed. They also act as final editors polishing the page in any possible way.


Please keep in tune with these assignments and complete them. Find all incomplete assignments here.

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