The Fundraiser
Author: Timothy Foster
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Over the past few weeks, iSchool has conducted a fundraiser in order to raise money for the school that can be used for field trips, development projects, and other things. A meeting was held with the students in December to decide what would be sold. The iSchool student body decided it would be appropriate to sell miniature pizzas and cheese cake.

After the Christmas Break, the fundraiser started. The goal was for each person to sell at least 10 products, and with that done, iSchool would be exempt from a certain fee. To boost spirit, a contest was being held between the 9th and 12th versus the 10th and 11th to see which group could sell the most products. Furthermore, if an individual were to sell 10 items, he/she had the opportunity to draw from a candy bag. Every five subsequent sales earns another draw.

The sale lasted a couple of weeks, with an extension of two days being needed due to bad weather. After the due date, an analysis was done to see how much was made and which group won. Overall, the 10th and 11th grade won with the other group being only $300 in lacking. They got a pizza party on February 12.

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