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Author: Sung Cho
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Good news for artists!
Doodle for Google is a competition where Google invites K-12 students to play around with the homepage logo and see what new designs people come up with.

Schools can submit up to six entries. If your school covers more than one grade group, please try to represent an even spread. You might want to hold a contest to select the best doodles in each grade group.

-The doodle should be presented on a white, landscape sheet of 8.5 x 11 inch paper.
-You can download the Google logo template:
-The winning doodle will be displayed on the homepage, so the Google logo should be clearly visible and recognizable.
-The doodle can be in pencil, crayons, felt tip or paint, or can be done using computer drawing or design software.
-Unfortunately, we can't accept entries which use additional materials to create 3D effects.
-Please encourage your students to create original designs.

Judging Process
400 State Finalists

Up to 400 doodles from across the country will be chosen by a panel of independent judges and Google employees based on which doodles they feel best represent the "What I Wish for the World" theme. In each state, 2 doodles will be selected in each grade group, meaning that each grade group and each state will be equally represented. Entries from the District of Columbia will be judged along with entries from Maryland.

40 Regional Winners

Our judging panel will choose 40 top doodles as Regional Winners. In each of the ten Regions, each grade group will have one winner. These Regional Winners will be displayed in a gallery on the website. The U.S. public will then vote for the doodles they believe best capture the theme "What I Wish for the World."

4 National Finalists

An awards ceremony for the 40 Regional Winners will be held at the Google New York Office on May 20, 2009. We'll also announce the four National Finalists chosen by the U.S. public (1 per grade group).

1 National Winner

Finally, one of the four National Finalists will be awarded "National Winner of Doodle 4 Google." The National Winner's doodle will 'go live' on the Google homepage for 24 hours.

The National Winner will win a $15,000 college scholarship to be used at the school of their choice, a trip to the Google New York Office, a laptop computer, and a t-shirt printed with their doodle. We'll also award the winner's school a $25,000 technology grant towards the establishment/improvement of a computer lab.

Each of the other 3 National Finalists will win a trip to the Google New York Office, a laptop computer, and a t-shirt printed with their doodle.
Each of the other 36 Regional Winners will win a trip to the Google New York Office and a t-shirt printed with their doodle.
Each of the other 360 State Finalists will receive a "Doodle 4 Google" official winner's certificate.

Entries are due by 11:59:59 PM Pacific time on March 31, 2009.

Designer: Sung Cho Editor: Timothy Foster Publisher: Sung Cho
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