Lucky 14?
Author: Samantha Howell
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Lucky 14?

We’ve all heard the superstitions and joy that are attached to “lucky number 7” and in my opinion, seven is just enough without pushing your luck. But fourteen is twice that amount, which is why I believe it to be poposturous of a single woman to have this many children. Already having six children, and deciding that she needed more, she went ahead with an in vitro of eight eggs in hopes that they would all make it alive. First off, why is it legal to have this many children? And second, is this really the way God intended it, for one single mother to “raise” fourteen children all on her own? Is this really fair to these kids to have to share their life with this many siblings? And who is going to pay for their college education? Is this woman raising the future homeless of America? Not only is she a single mother, but now her own parents are turning on her. It has been said that they are no longer are willing to support her and her children in their [parents] own three bedroom home. that is looking at foreclosure in the near future.
I think the real question here is did this woman have these children for the love, or the potential money that could lay behind them? It has been said by popular diaper and baby formula companies that the mother has been submitting applications for her eight newborns to become the new spokes models, but has been turned down by all. The official website for the family,, even accepts donations. With hospital bills as high as 1.2 million and no income, how does she plan to recover from her financial debt? It may just be that she really is looking to America to pay her bills. I think the real question here is what was she thinking? Sometimes 14 is not so lucky.

-Samantha Howell

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